BetteR20 FAQ

How do I Report a Typo?

There are none. (Kidding.) You'd leave a comment below or visit the community discord and give the link to the typo; a screenshot of that, the text and its replacement in #typos-etc, and, thank you for helping make it even better!

How do I Report a Bug?

First, you're going to have to walk through basic Troubleshooting steps (for website / Roll20 ) to confirm.  

Does it work with Roll20 Enhancement Suite (Chrome / Firefox )?

It does, just make sure you've turned off features which both efforts are attempting to modify.
The developers of both 5eTools and R20ES have worked together!

update: in fact, it is now necessary to install it and have it enabled for BetteR20 to function.

How do I know if the Script is working?
Roll20 Confirmation

Enter into Roll20 into a game, and then wait for all the components to load. (the Roll20 Loading Screen has disappeared). You should see something like this.

betteR20-5etools <version> 
initialising, please wait...

betteR20-5etools <version> 

Need help? Join our Discord.

Please DO NOT post about this script or 
any related content in official channels, 
including the Roll20 forums.

Before reporting a bug on the Roll20 forums,
please disable the script and check if 
the problem persists.

If you see that then try to use of the Features the script provides to confirm its working.

It's not working or working poorly. What do I do to fix that?

Well, that's just not going to work.

If you are looking for help you will need to get specific on what is, or is not working, and if it does or doesn't work with:

  • R20ES enabled w/ BetteR20, ;
  • just with R20ES running and no BetteR20, or
  • just Roll20 by itself it doesn't work.

Then you'll need to determine....

you know what, probably best if I just suggest you go to the troubleshooting pages for Roll20 or the website.

My Roll20 Session is hung - or - I get an "Uh uh" Message from R20ES and the features never show up.

please go HERE and follow the installation guide, you most likely have something misconfigured.

How do I update the Script? How do I check what the current version of the script is?

By default, the script automatically updates when the browser loads.

  • TamperMonkey Dashboard Version Check
    You can check what version you are using by going to and checking the listed version number and then checking the version number of the script listed on TamperMonkey's Dashboard.
Check for User Scriptupdates
You may manually update the script by:
  • Selecting to [Check for userscript updates] from TamperMonkey's menu.
  • Clicking 

You may have to restart the browser to get TamperMonkey to register the update

I've lost all the images in my External Art Library!

Search the Journal for the betteR20-art handout file. If it's not there, or empty you have to recreate it. It's a good idea to save the contents of that file into a local text file or online file so that should you want to make a new game or if you experience such a problem you can recover from such quickly.

My players are not seeing my image(s)!

You've likely found a source that their ISP is blocking or that they don't have the rights to view. You get a copy of the image and upload it to an image hosting service like imgur .

OR. leave a message below or in the community and we'll see if it can be added to the Art Repo 

I want to get my Online images from Roll20 so I can free up my disk quota

javascript:(function(){ var links=$('div.library_result').map(function(idx,block){ var $block=$(block), img = $block.find('img'), name = $block.find('div.yourtags li').map(function(i,o){return $(o).text();}).toArray().join('_'), ext = img.attr('src').match(/\b(?:thumb|max|original)\b\.(\w*)/)[1]; return $('<a style="border:1px solid #999;float:left;display:block;width:52px;height:52px;" href="'+img.attr('src').replace(/\b(?:thumb|max)\b/,'original')+'" download="'+name+'.'+ext+'"><img style="max-width:50px;max-height:50px;" src="'+img.attr('src')+'"></a>').click(function(){$(this).css('opacity',0.5);}); }).toArray(); $().html(links).appendTo('body');}());

  1.  In Chrome, create a bookmark with the above as the URL.
  2.  Go to the Your Library page.
  3.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and keep scrolling until all of your images are loaded.
  4.  Scroll back up to the top of the page.
  5.  Select the bookmark you created in step 1. This will cause the execution of the included javascript which will build a block of image thumbnails at the top of the page.
  6.  Click each image to cause it to be downloaded at its original resolution.

If you delete an image from your Image Library that you are currently using within a campaign, then it will be lost.  Its suggested that you first add to the external image library the desired image, and then replace each instance.

Macro toolbar/ Buttons have disappeared!

Check the Config Editor's interface tab and make sure the Macro Horizontal Toolbar UI is not set to 0.00.

How do I Import?

DM/GM - look here

Players - look here

I have an idea I think would be AWESOME!

That's Great! Leave a comment below, or come to the community discord #suggestion - but, before you leave a #Suggestion, please see if its already in #suggestion-voting, and perhaps vote for what you'd like to see happen next - most votes an item takes the next highest priority.

My 3D Dice will not work/are not available?

The feature is hard-disabled while the script is active. This solves some of the performance issues around such. The are disabled, intentionally, with malicious glee (kidding) by the script.

All I have is Cilantro, where can I find Corriander?

They are the same thing.