Config Editor

Config Editor

This is the interface to modify several of the features of the BetteR20 script. Depending if you are running BetteR20 Core, or the BetteR20 Full, the appearance of the interface will differ.


Canvas Tab¬†ūüďĀ

Deals with features that change the tabletop canvas function

Import Tab¬†ūüďĀ

Features related the importing feature around processing delays and character sheet settings upon being imported.

  • Rest Time between Each Map (in Milliseconds)¬†
    Defaults to 2500 (See Map Importing FAQ)
  • Rest Time between Each Handout (in Milliseconds )¬†
    Defaults to 100 (See Adventure / Equipment / Spell Importing FAQ)
  • Rest Time between Each Character sheet (in Milliseconds )¬†
    Defaults to 2500 (See Monster / Adventure Importing FAQ)
    Rest times are timeout / delays between the scripts functions related to those associated features.
  • Import Character Fluff as...
    Which field does a creature 'fluff' (bio/lore) get imported into when being imported from the import tool.
  • Sheet Whisper Mode on Import
    Sets the default state of the sheet's action for how rolls are made - public or whispered to the DM
  • Sheet Advantage on Import
    Sets the default state of the sheet's action for how rolls are made - Advantage or not
  • Sheet Auto Roll Damage mode on Import
    Sets the default state of the sheet's action for attacks - to go ahead and roll damage with each attack, or not
  • Skip Importing Creature Senses
  • Show NPC Names in Rolls

Interface Tab¬†ūüďĀ

Configuration for features related to the interface and UI elements.
  • Show Custom Art Previews
    Toggles if small preview images apears in the list of not when it's enabled
  • Horizontal Toolbar Opacity
    Determines the opacity of the Horizontal Toolbars for Macros in a decimal value for percentage 0.00 = 0% visible. Defaults to .75 (75%).
  • Add Additional Info to Tracker 
    Toggles if the information is displayed or not

    If the --Empty-- option is chosen for any of the following columns the tracker will instead hold nothing.
    • Tracker Column 1¬†
      Choose either AC, HP, Passive Perception or Spell DC
    • Tracker Column 2¬†
      Choose either AC, HP, Passive Perception or Spell DC
    • Tracker Column 3¬†
      Choose either AC, HP, Passive Perception or Spell DC
    • Add Sheet Button to Tracker¬†
      Toggles if there is an icon that 
    • Shrink Initiative¬†Tracker Text¬†
      Toggles the size of text for the additional column data.
    • Show Difficulty in Tracker¬†
      The tracker looks at the number of PC character in the tracker and compares it to the number of NPC/Creatures and uses the DMG's assessment to give an overview of the difficulty of the encounter based off the CR values. If you modify the creatures (increasing or decreasing their strength) and have not modified the CR value, the difficulty rating will not reflect those changes. 
  • Add Emoji Replacement to Chat
    Toggles the feature's parsing of the chat feature to replace Discord emojis.

Token Tab¬†ūüďĀ

Token configuration elements set upon importing

  • Use Custom Status Icons
  • Custom Status Spritesheet URL
  • Custom¬†Status Spritesheet (small) URL
  • Bar 1 (NPC)
  • Bar 1 (PC)
  • Set Bar 1 Max
  • Reveal Bar 1
  • Bar 2 (NPC)
  • Bar 2 (PC)
  • Set Bar 2 Max
  • Reveal Bar 2
  • Bar 3 (NPC)
  • Bar 3 (PC)
  • Set Bar 3 Max
  • Reveal Bar 3
  • Roll Token HP
  • Show Nameplate
  • Reveal Nameplate
  • Add TokenActions¬†Macros on Import (Actions)
  • Add TokenActions¬†Macros on Import (Traits)
  • Add TokenActions¬†Macros on Import (Skills, Checks, & Saves)
  • Add TokenActions¬†Macros on Import (Spells)

Weather ūüďĀ

  • Type
    Choose what type of weather pattern (Rain; Fog, Snow, Waves, Ripples, and Custom)
  • Custom Image
    Custom image is disabled unless Type is set to Custom. 
    At which point the field becomes availible, and you can set a URL for the image
  • Weather Speed
    The speed of the animation (see Oscillate)
  • Direction
    The direction of the animation. (8 compass directions - assuming Top of the screen is "North")



(relative to top)


(moving to south)

12 o'clock

(Moving to South Westerly)

Easterly 3:00
South-Easterly 4:30
Southerly 6:00
South-Westerly 7:30
Westerly 9:00
North-Westerly 10:30
  • Custom Direction
    a slider to customized the direction of the animation 0-360
  • Oscillate
    This changes the image's action from flowing across the layer, to moving back and forth - this is modified by Weather Speed; and Oscillation Threshold.
  • Oscillation Threshold
    The amplitude of the threshold
  • Intensity
    doubles the image (slightly offset)
  • Tint
  • Tint Color
    If the tint is turned on, this brings the color picker up to see.
  • Special Effects¬†
    - Lightning - random flashes of light.

Instructions (How to use it)

Each feature does a different thing, so follow the link to each feature to help identify the feature's settings.

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