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External Art Manager

The External art tool is a tool to rapidly bring graphic content into Roll20 without using a user's Disk quota and to expand the offerings of Roll20.  Roll20's search feature checks the user's uploaded content, their purchased content, any free or subscription offers, and then a set of data scraped from web some time ago. 

Roll20 cut some costs by not paying for a Google API key for businesses.  So internet images it brings up are often out of date and will not find new images or images about new concepts (ie Xanathar doesn't bring anything up)

However, this tool allows you to bridge that. Enjoy!

When the tool is used it will generate a Journal handout 📝betteR20-art . 
This file will have the list of all images added through the tool in the format listed below.

Formatting Requirements

<text descriptor of the file>---<Image URL>

The image URL must be "clean" it CANNOT have additional post elements eg.  is ok but not (in general, the URL should end with a specific .gif  .jpg or .png  and not any additional text)

Walkthrough (How to use it) 

Add an Image to the Art Library (Single files)

  • Click on Sidebar's Art Library
  • Click on External Art Manager
  • Enter the Name (and any descriptors) to the Name Field
  • Enter the URL to the URL field.

Add several Images to the Art Library 

  • Click on Sidebar's Art Library
  • Click on External Art Manager
  • Click Add Multiple URLs...
  • Paste the list of URLs into the text field and click Add URLs

Delete an External Art Entry (selection)

  • Click on Sidebar's Art Library
  • Click on External Art Manager
  • Find the file(s) you wish to remove.
  • Click   Delete to delete the file

Delete All External Art (All)

  • Click on Sidebar's Journal
  • Search for 📝betteR20-art
  • Delete the file.

Removing the external art file does NOT remove the images, it only removes the listing in the art library and so you cannot search for it there any longer.

Support/Suggested Use Guidance.

(this is a community-curated set of best practices / FAQ on the feature's support and solutions/workarounds.) Image Limitations:

  • Animated Gifs - while you can attempt to upload such, they will not be animated.
  • Roll20 has a 10MB cap on image sizes. While that cap is NOT being checked and enforced, if you exceed 12MB in size your player's experience of the game will most likely suffer. The larger the images may crash your session.  Roll20's limitations it seems might be a conservative limit regarding their platform's limitations.

You can move the 📝betteR20-art file to another folder if you choose, but don't delete it. You can also delete or add entries from it directly - though that's more prone to making it corrupted / malformed and thereafter you losing your content.

Related to:

Support/Suggested Use Guidance.

(this is a community-curated set of best practices / FAQ on the feature's support and solutions/workarounds.)

I've all the images in my External Art Library!

Search the Journal for the betteR20-art file. if it's not there you have to recreate it. It's a good idea to save the contents of that file into a local text file or online file so that should you want to make a new game or experience problem.

[Resource; External Art]

My players are not seeing my image(s)!

You've likely found a source that their ISP is blocking or that they don't have the rights to view. You get a copy of the image and upload it to an image hosting service like [1] .

I want to get my Online images from Roll20 so I can free up my disk quota

1. In Chrome, create a bookmark with the above as the URL.
2. Go to the Library page.
3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and keep scrolling until all of your images are loaded.
4. Scroll back up to the top of the page.
5. Select the bookmark you created in step 1. This will cause the execution of the included javascript which will build a block of image thumbnails at the top of the page.
6. Click each image to cause it to be downloaded at its original resolution.

*If you delete an image from your Image Library that you are currently using within a campaign, then it will be lost.  Its suggested that you first add to the external image library the desired image, and then replace each instance.

Did that not answer your question(s)? if not please check the Known Issues page for further guidance, or leave a comment below to let others know (and help you).