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Temporary Import


Temporary Import creates a copy of information that resides solely in memory on that user (a player perhaps) memory, from there you can add to the character sheet as need be. Modifications made by click and dragging to the character sheet(s) will remain, but when the browser is refreshed or restarted then temporary elements disappear.

This prevents unnecessary clutter and complication of the game, leaving nothing behind beyond the specific changes that were sought.

(This is great for GMs with advanced players)

Instruction Walkthrough (How to use it)

  • Go the Journal Tab, 
  • Choose Temporary Import
  • Choose which category you want to import
  • Choose what source (or if you have a homebrew item not listed there, the URL For that file under custom)
  • Select what entries you wish to import
  • Click import
  • Drag those onto the character sheet(s) as needed.

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Support/Suggested Use Guidance.

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