Loot Generator

Loot Generator

Uses the Tables from with the Dungeon Master's Guide (pages 133-149) to generate loot and horde tables. Treasure are based on a monster's challenge rating. Use these tables to randomly determine how much money an individual monster carries (the D&D equivalent of pocket change) or the amount of wealth found in a larger treasure hoard. Hoard Tables

A Treasure Hoard table helps you randomly determine the contents of a large cache of treasure, the accumulated wealth of a large group of creatures (such as an orc tribe or a hobgoblin army), the belongings of a single powerful creature that likes to hoard treasure (such as a dragon), or the reward bestowed upon a party after completing a challenging quest. You can also split up a treasure hoard so that the adventurers don't find or receive it all at once.

When determining the contents of a hoard belonging to one monster, use the table that corresponds to that monster's challenge rating. When rolling to determine a treasure hoard belonging to a large group of monsters, use the challenge rating of the monster that leads the group. If the hoard belongs to no one, use the challenge rating of the monster that presides over the dungeon or lair you are stocking. If the hoard is a gift from a benefactor, use the challenge rating equal to the party's average level.

Instructions (How to use it)

  • select Challenge Rating 
    Use the CR rating of the encounter to allow the tool to determine treasure appropriate for the encounter.
  • Horde 
    do the players desire a larger reward, or is the monster something (like a dragon) that would gather and hoard treasure? If so chose this and the encounter's CR value.

The results will have embedded links so that the magical items or items of note can be clicked upon to get the more information around the function and description of magic items or other goods from homebrew sources.


  • Bestiary
  • Magic Items

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