Horizontal Toolbar

Macro/Horizontal Toolbar UI change

Table top / desktop space is a premium. To help address that the script allows the user to determine the transparency level of the horizontal Toolbars used for Macros. It defaults to 75%  When your mouse moves back over the toolbar it goes to fully opaque. 


This Feature can be turned off in the Config Editor's  interface tab. By default the Horizontal Toolbar Opacity is set to 0.75 (the value is a decimal percentage eg. (between 0.00 (0%) and 1.00 (100%).

Support/Suggested Use Guidance.

(this is a community-curated set of best practices / FAQ on the feature's support and solutions/workarounds.)

If you lose sight of the Macro toolbar, check the Config Editor's interface tab and make sure it's not set to 0.00.

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