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🚧Map Importer/Exporter🚧

🚧This feature has been merged into Module Importer/Exporter .🚧

When it is done you will be able to export maps - included their various layers elements, attributes, and tokens to a file which can be shared or stored for later use.

Finally, players can share their creative mapping efforts directly.

Walkthrough (How to use it)

steps with images/animated? on how to use it

Support/Suggested Use Guidance.

(this is a community-curated set of best practices / FAQ on the feature's support and solutions/workarounds.)

The tokens on the map that are attached via the "Represent Character" will be orphaned/broken if those characters are not also imported.
Each character has a hidden unique ID that Roll20 uses to connect with as the name of the character can change. Making a character sheet with the same name will not automatically re-link those, you'll need the original character created import before you open the token and save it again (which will break the connection).
Music. The Page properties for map(s) includes the ability to define a song/playlist to start upon startup.
The exporter does not include that link, nor the sound/music track(s).
The map may lose some or all of the images if the link to the image(s) in the map break.
This will happen if the creator deletes the images, their account gets closed, or the share/site that is hosting the image(s) is taken down.