Mass roll

Mass Roll

Mass Roll allows the GM to mass select tokens to get rolls on Initiative; Save or Skill checks For scenarios like when a line of creatures are struck by an effect, or in a box, or sphere. Or when a group needs to make check (such as sneak) against another group.

Feature/Formatting Requirements (if any)

You just need a bunch of tokens, who should have been linked to a character sheet. The Mass Roll rolls for:

  • Initiative
  • Save
  • Skill

Instruction Walkthrough (How to use it)

  • Chose the tokens; either by
    • an elastic box (click and drag)
    • holding down shift while clicking upon the intended tokens.
  • then right mouse click and choose Mass Roll>>  
  • Choose which item to roll upon:
    • Initiative
    • Save
    • Skill

Support/Suggested Use Guidance.

(this is a community-curated set of best practices / FAQ on the feature's support and solutions/workarounds.)

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