Paste from URL

Paste Image from URL

The feature allows you easily add images to the site without adding it through the External Art Image library or Art Repo.

Feature/Formatting Requirements (if any)

The URL to be used should end in an image file format - ie .gif  .jpg  .png   and should not include and additional post elements ie  would be ok but would be something to avoid as it has additional content that isn't part of the actual image as part of the URL, in such cases strip off the additional text after the image filename and test it by pasting it into a new tab of your web browser.

Instruction Walkthrough (How to use it)

  • Find an image on the internet or from 5eTools image lookup library,
  • Copy the Image location.
  • Return to Roll20
  • Right mouse click on the tabletop.
  • Choose Paste Image from URL
  • Image should show up in a few moments.

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Support/Suggested Use Guidance.

(this is a community-curated set of best practices / FAQ on the feature's support and solutions/workarounds.)

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