Ruler Enhancement

A number of feature enhancements to the ruler for helping largely around rulers for determining Area of Effects for Cones, Rays, Spheres, & Cubes of effects. The Ruler tool lets you click and drag to measure distances on the table. While you measure, you can choose to show your measurement line with other players so you can discuss what you're measuring, or you can limit the measurement line visibility to just yourself and your GM.

Walkthrough (Options/How to use it)

Click on the Ruler icon from the Toolbar, then choose from the drop list what ruler function you wish you use. Burst - The starting point of the click and drag is the center of the measured location Blast - The click and drag starting point defines one side of the diameter/edge of the Area of Effect.


as with the basic rule but includes the number of grid units as a measurement as well when the grid is enabled on Map's page settings.

  • Radius - For a circle or sphere area of effect (such as fireball, silence or the link)
  • Cone - For breath weapons, cone of cold, etc 
    • Flat (Triangle) or Rounded (arc segment)
  • Box  - For spells like thunderwave, or effects that work as a cube or square area of effect.
  • Line

This has a width to identify what is in the area of effect of Ray like effects such as Lightning Bolt or Gauss/Rail Gun like penetrating shots.

The Ruler has a "sticky" mode, which will persist the last-drawn ruler to the table, so you can switch tool and do something else without losing your measurement. Press SHIFT while ruler-ing to enable it, or check the box.




Shift Sticky 
Q + [ ] Activates the Ruler
      R Radius (circle)
      C Cone 

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