ShapeshifterToken Builder

Shapeshifter Token Builder

A wizard to help build a Rollable Token Table . It creates a Table of various Token images for creatures which attaches to a character sheet so that the player can then choose how their character appears. It can also be used to assign a creature several different possible appearances so that when the creature is pulled onto the battle map its appearance is randomized. and correctly sized. The creature attached to this maintains its character sheet's attribute scores, abilities, spells, and weapons. 

Example Uses


When you have a creature like a doppelganger, Eberron's Changeling, a Rogue with a flair for disguise, Illusionist, or the like ... this tool helps create a table of correctly sized tokens which you can assign to a creature.
It his case, the shapeshifter table with have a variety of different creature's tokens.

Creature/Encounter Variance

Creatures that appear frequently can become boring as the player's become used to their token's appearance. Or the creature may have different equipment, attire or visual conditional cues. When the creature is dragged onto the battle map the token can be set to randomly be assigned.
In this case the tokens will be of very similar appearance, with enough variance to give the token a sort of uniqueness. 
  • Twenty different appearances for Goblins, Commoners, Gang Members, etc.
  • Guards with differing weapon choices evident on the token

Shifting Map Item:

You can use the tool to create things that you expect to change,
  • A candle that has the state of being lit, and not.
  • A table with images of a door/wall that is whole and solid and that has been sundered.
  • A floor segment that is clear and clean, has trails of blood, and or exposes a trap.
  • A Tree in bloom, in the fall, on fire, covered in snow, with its autumnal leaves.

Walkthrough (How to use it)


This is what the tool excels at doing.

  • Go to Settings
  • Choose Open Tools List
  • Choose Shapeshifter Token Builder
  • Choose which creature's forms the shapeshifter will have as options
  • Choose a Table name (I suggest using the character's name)
  • Click Create Table.
  • Go to Collections
  • Scroll down to Rollable Tables
    RollableTableToken TokenButton
  • Find the table you just created.
  • Click Token
  • Find the token that appears on the current battle map.
    RollableTableToken IsDrawing

    Changing a Rollable Table Token to a Regular Token

  • Right Mouse click on the Token and under Advanced» 
  • Click Is Drawing
  • Assign the desired Token settings 
  • Open the desired Character Sheet and Bio Tab
  • Choose to Edit the sheet, and make sure the Token is selected.
  • Then click Use Selected Token

Random Image/Encounter Variance:
RollableTableToken TableSetup

Sample Rollable Table with Images to use as a Rollable Table Token for Random Appearances.

Create a Table with a suitable name. Add an entry an add images to each (You may wish to use the External Art library).
If at least one of your Items has an icon assigned to it, you can create a Rollable Table Token based on the Rollable Table. A Rollable Table Token looks like any other Token, but with the added feature that you can select which Side of the Token is shown. This is very handy for changing the appearance of shapeshifters, different gear, or even changeable terrain. The Rollable Table Token inherits all of the images that have been set as icons on the Items, but will not change if later images are added to the Table. Rollable Table Tokens can be used to represent a character and can be assigned as the default token for a character.

To create a Rollable Table Token on the current page, click the Token button next to the Rollable Table you want to base it on.

Shifting Item

Support/Suggested Use Guidance.

(this is a community-curated set of best practices / FAQ on the feature's support and solutions/workarounds.)

By default, the resulting rool's Token will be marked as Is Drawing. This prevents will both it from snapping to the grid, and hides it's bars, bubbles, etc. To make it behave like a normal Token, you'll need to right click it, choose "Advanced", then click "Is Drawing".

Did that not answer your question(s)? if not please check the Known Issues page for further guidance, or leave a comment below to let others know (and help you).