Table Importer

Table Importer

The table importer allows you to take data and easily format it into a way to quickly create rollable tables for you use in the game. If you are not familar with Rollable Tables you can read more about it here . But, as a quick overview its a set of options from which an entry can be randomly picked.


File Format: The feature uses The Aaron's TableExport API script's format .

!import-table -- <table_name>

as the first line to define the table's name, and then

!import-table --<table_name> --<table_item> --<weight> --<image_URL>

Import Table - Sample Table Definitions
  • table_name = is The Name of the table
  • table_item   = is a line entry on that table
  • weight          = is the number of times this entry effectively occurs on the table. In a table in which the total of all items' weight equals 100, an entry with a weight of 25 would equal a 25% chance.
  • Image_URL  = The address for the Image. 

Example: A table named Sample-Mood-Ring.

!import-table --Sample-Mood-Ring --show
!import-table-item --Sample-Mood-Ring --[Black] Stressed --1 -- 
!import-table-item --Sample-Mood-Ring --[Red] Fear --1 -- 
!import-table-item --Sample-Mood-Ring --[Yellow] Nervous --1 -- 
!import-table-item --Sample-Mood-Ring --[Green] Romance --2 -- 
!import-table-item --Sample-Mood-Ring --[Blue] Normal --10 -- 
!import-table-item --Sample-Mood-Ring --[Lapis] Relaxed --5 -- 
!import-table-item --Sample-Mood-Ring --[Navy] Calm --3 -- 
!import-table-item --Sample-Mood-Ring --[Purple] Cool --4 -- 
!import-table-item --Sample-Mood-Ring --[Pink] Lovable --7 -- 
!import-table-item --Sample-Mood-Ring --[Orange] Passion --2 --

You can copy and paste these commands using the Paste from
Paste from Clipboard

Support/Suggested Use Guidance.

(this is a community-curated set of best practices / FAQ on the feature's support and solutions/workarounds.)

  • If you do not include a number the weight will default to "0" (effectively no entry)
  • If you do not include a URL no image will be included.

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