Chat Abbreviations

The tool includes a number of additional tags such as with additional Emoji inclusions, which will intercept commands to the chat box and generate a different result.

Feature/Formatting Requirements (if any)

A shortened acronym for Talk to Myself which traditionally uses /talktomyself as the command.

Instruction Walkthrough (How to use it)

Type /ttms in the chat command to toggle between being on or off, or /ttms on to enable it directly /ttms off to turn it off and allow the comments to be sent to the chat log to everyone.

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Support/Suggested Use Guidance.

(this is a community-curated set of best practices / FAQ on the feature's support and solutions/workarounds.)

Talk to myself;

This feature is largely  used in macros or before using rollable tables or making notes to prevent the others from reading the results and to not clutter the chat dialog.

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