Three locations of note

  • Thematic Listing
  • The comments - you are welcome, and encouraged, to share your own solutions here.


You can test the features by using a Media URL for a location local to you, or that you have access to, but for players the Media URL needs to an address that anyone can use without passwords.

In this directory several files have been provided for you to test or use.

In general to get use the files in this Git to work within the tool, append the `file name` <example : `darklake_vortex-gridless.webm`> 

to the base `URL`: which should be ``

So for that file name example:  base `URL` + `File name`=

Sources for animated backgrounds


(under construction - will list animated features by terrain type and have thumbnails for referrence)

Artist Attribution

Dynamic Dungeons


youTube Playlist:


Tabletop Things

artist: Tom Swogger



Manny Sykes

artist: Manny Sykes

youTube Playlist:

Note: many of these maps are relative small and do not lend themselves easily to battlemaps as their visual elements often suggest a scale of the image is ~30ft across. For outdoor landscape, this is problematic for many battlemaps.