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Any monies raised are used to help cover the costs associated with running the site. These costs come from renting servers, and the bandwidth they consume every month. We don't have any advertisements or shady monetization techniques, nor do we sell anything. If you are financially able, please consider making a donation to help us support those that are providing servers and bandwidth.

Server upkeep donation addresses (note that the development team does not receive any payments made to these addresses; donations go directly to the host responsible for keeping the site online):

  - DOGE: DGh2AkDPUNBTUMkKninMhzspF6w3Lom5pQ
  - BTC: 1Dxu1fCs37dJQH3mGudQdCkWhhUXyhrpPC
  - BCH: 1MwxNNTcGsGe3jtttZs5y17xG5xg8x2WDk
  - LTC: LbZXdmw5HGUQe6KuDD3B5Htd61M7FPP9Gx
  - ETH: 0x26873a33EACA07dc2C3173576353b7F9800a3B5e

Only cryptocurrencies are accepted, for everyone's safety.

AH! I don't do Crypto! How Can I support the community?

  • Well, there is Coinbase , which you can use to bypass some of that whole mining, etc, and just convert hard currency to Crypto and can be used to handle the transaction from there.